Catalyzing Life Science Commercialization
to Ensure your Company’s Success

- Focus of the Firm at the Sweet Spot of its Converging Cross-Functional Capabilities -

Extensive Executive Leadership and Business Savvy: By leveraging its bioscience customer knowledge, strategic insights and economic acumen, Bio-Com provides forward-thinking market information, research and competitive intelligence as well as conducts rigorous financial analyses driving value-based negotiations and decisions.

Scientifically Broad and Solid: Bio-Com identifies growth opportunities and unmet needs, evaluates biotechnological Innovation as well as develops strategic plans and benchmarks effectiveness plus optimizes R&D/product development resource allocation.

Strong Intangible Assets Analysis: Bio-Com International helps assess, manage and mitigate potential patent infringement, corporate business transactional and other intellectual property-related risks.

CDx Precision Health is helping level the financial-playing field among the various stratified healthcare stakeholders. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help bolster your CDx company’s business development deal-negotiation position versus your opponents.